They need your help, love, & support

We are a non-profit organization that aims to rescue stray dogs from Turkey and bring over to Canada to give them a second chance to live.

Our Mission

- To give those lives in need a second chance to live safely.

These little guys are waiting for you

They are mostly abandoned, thriving to survive; some of them found as injured, tortured, and abused. Our goal is to bring as many stray dogs as possible over to Canada, and find forever homes for them to live safely. They all deserve to be loved, taken care of and be part of your families..

Cat For Adoption


Breed: Mixed, Sex: Male
Age: 2
NEtuered, microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed, deflead. Medium energy, loves being indoors, no aggression.
Good with humans - timid at first but gets over his fear with time
Good with other dogs and cats. . 

Cat For Adoption


Breed: Samoyed Mix, Sex: Male
Age: 2, Weight: 55 pounds

Fully vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, deflead,

Cat For Adoption

Sirius and Snape

ideally looking for a home together but can go to separate homes if not possible, the most important thing is that they will have a good life

Name: Snape
Sex: Male
Breed: Shepherd Mix but Medium size, will not grow to the size of a pedigree German Shepherd
Age: 10 months
Netuered, microchipped, vaccinated, 

Love is give and take

We are so thankful that we have many volunteers show empathy and understanding to the cause. However to be able to pay the expenses for transportation and doctor reports, and documents, there will be an adoption fee. This will enable us to rescue more lives. Any donations are accepted if you wish to support the organization.


The name of the organization came from this sweet dog who just died in November 2018 in the farm where he was staying. The cause of death was unknown. But he was ready to fly over to Canada Ottawa stay with me as his foster parent. He was waiting for adoption for over a year in Aydin, Turkey. He was an injured dog rescued from the street when he was just a baby with one ear ripped and a blind eye (blue). We as organization would like to honor Jasper by giving his name to our organization to remind us how important to save lives on the streets before it’s too late like in Jasper’s case.

Pets for adoption

It's easy to find a dog who's right for you at jasper's paws. Once you find a pet, click "info" to provide contact info for their shelter or rescue. We will walk you through their adoption process.

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Board of Directors

We are a group of 4 ladies who love animals especially dogs. We don’t aim to profit anything other than bringing them here to Canada, and finding forever homes. We’re being helped and supported by many volunteers, and close friends to be able to transport them over here, find temporary and permanent homes. Please let us know if you would like to consider being a foster parent or/and adopting any of them.

News & events

- Volunteers always welcome.

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Jasper’s Paws Dog Rescue Organization