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May 23 at 6:35 AM ·

"Delphi’s Story, and why we decided to adopt a Turkish stray. 

Delphi was found in a small town in the Northern part of Turkey. In this town alone, there are approximately 600 stray dogs. And only two people who feed them and care for them. Everyone else views them as pests.

People beat them, torture them, bury them alive and most commonly poison them. We are not talking about a few individuals who are out to get these dogs. We are talking about the majority of the population who essentially hate dogs.

Being from Iran, I know this mentality quite well. In Iran there are generally two types of people. Those who do not like animals and/or are afraid of them, and “animal lovers” whose love is reserved for purebreds only. With a tiny population in the middle who care about all animals. From what we have learned, Turkey is very similar.

When Delphi was found as a wee pup she was covered in sores, was malnourished and had rickets. A condition where the bones soften due to calcium deficiency.

One of the two people who feeds these dogs, Çiğdem Beğen, decided to take Delphi to a government run shelter. She shared an enclosure there with a bunch of other dogs, including a dead puppy. She was the smallest of the living dogs. She was there until the shelter closed due to lack of funding.

Ender Selcuk, one of the ladies who runs Jaspers’s Paws, the rescue that we adopted our girl from, then decided to take her to a private shelter where she was better cared for. She stayed there until she flew to us on Monday.

We get asked all the time why we decided to adopt internationally rather than locally. The question is sometimes asked with curiosity, and sometimes with criticism.

The answer is simple: Need.

Yes we could have adopted locally. And there are definitely local dogs in need. But the severity of the need cannot even be compared.

We have been following local rescues for years. Very closely for the past year and a half as we started talking about adopting a dog.

What we have learned is that there are more adopters here than rescuers. Dogs that become available for adoption are adopted quickly. Often people fight over them. That doesn’t mean we couldn’t have adopted one of them, but it does mean they don’t need us as much.

In Turkey there are thousands of stray dogs that nobody wants. Dogs who are killed by humans, starvation or disease every minute.

Luckily, there are people there who are extremely committed to rescuing these dogs and finding them homes overseas. While it took us a while to get our girl, I cannot recommend Jasper’s Paws enough. They even cat tested Delphi for us and sent us a video so we could adopt her knowing she wouldn’t have an issue with our cats.

She came to us vaccinated, dewormed, spayed and microchipped. They organized her paperwork, and took care of the flight too. All we had to do was pay the small adoption fee of $450.

If you have any questions about our experience, please ask. We would be happy to share more of our experience."

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